The Taverns

The Taverns

The real taste of Tuscany

There is not a better way to experience the most authentical aspect of this region, than tasting the flavours of its traditional cuisine in a-thousand-years-old town, and letting himself be conquered by the charm of all its history.
In the weekend before Palio, the historic center of Torrita becomes a perfect frame for the celebration of the tuscan cuisine. The Taverns set up by the eight districts are the best place to find the typical dishes of this area of Tuscany. Fire eaters, jugglers and musicians make the atmosphere even more evocative.

Taverna la Cripta

Pici al sugo e all’aglione della Valdichina

Taverna della Nencia

Pici al sugo e all’aglione della Valdichiana

Taverna di maso


Taverna Belli al Gioco

Bocconcini di fegato con rape e pollo in galera

Taverna Ghino di Tacco

Hamburger e panini con salsiccia

Taverna del Giano

Hamburger e panini con Salsiccia

Taverna la Frittella in Piazza

Frittelle di riso, dolci, cantucci e Vin santo

Taverns' Map 2024


Torrita di Siena